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Editor’s high = Runner’s high

Once I get into the zone, editing really isn’t that bad.  I’m at 1500 photos, down from 3000+ from the set of Men, Money, and Gold Diggers.  One more pass, and then I can deliver!!!

The best argument for shooting on film isn’t the medium, mindset.

That time between taking the photo and looking at it is really important. It’s like counting to ten when someone makes you really mad. 

Norman Jean Roy

It’s always fun to see your work around town…

You’d be surprised what some people just leave lying around…

The trailer for Stuft has finally arrived.  I am absolutely thrilled to have had a hand in this labor of love.  Check it out!

Rob Legato’s Reawakening.  Great cast.  Great crew.  I had a an absolute blast shooting the stills for this.  

come play “THE JAVI GAMES!”

I’ll be there.  You should be too.  


april 23rd!

meltdown comics!

the nerdist writers panel presents “the javi games!”

featuring an exclusive screening of my short film “reverse parthenogenesis” - a live Q&A with cast members Amber Benson, adam busch and Edmund Lupinski!

buy your copy of “ramiel wrath of god” and have it signed!

it all goes to benefit the swellest child literacy/education program of them all - 826!



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